Art and Graphic Arts Presentation

Art and Graphic Arts Presentation

March 11, 2018 Art Graphic Arts Presentations Uncategorized 0

The Art and Graphic Arts Merit Badge Class Presentation was designed to cover most of the requirements for both the Art Merit Badge and Graphic Arts Merit Badge. While the slides of the presentation cover most of the information a scout needs to learn to earn their merit badges, the presentation is meant to be interactive with the class rather than a lecture; it is up to the presenter to engage the audience during the presentation. Prior to the presentation, the class works on screen printing a t-shirt with a design created by the scout that combines projects from both the Art Merit Badge (Requirement 5c) and Graphic Arts Merit Badge (Requirement 3).

Sample design:

Sample project:

Example scout projects:

Prerequisite Requirements that MUST be done before class:

  • Art requirement 5c
  • Art requirement 7
  • Graphic Arts requirement 3
  • Graphic Arts requirement 7

Requirements NOT covered during this class (can be completed before or after the class):

  • Art requirement 4
  • Art requirement 6
  • Graphic Arts requirement 4
  • Graphic Arts requirement 6


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